Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Weekend.

We had an unplanned staycation weekend this last weekend. It was phenominal. Once we realized that we didn't have any plans, we decided to hold off on any projects and take a somewhat staycation break. (I used to misunderstand staycations, until I had one. No chores/jobs, just play at home-solid good time!) The weather was incredible, which only furthered our relaxation. The highlights included: first baby pool fill of the year, eating/playing/lounging/everything outside, no need to potty train Fern because she already potty trained herself, a family hike. 

It took me a day to realize why this weekend meant so much to me. It was simple, it was slow, it was just us. During my run on Monday, I kept thinking about how much I really enjoyed being constantly together with my little family. I love my family all the time and we spend most of our time together, so that's not what shocked me. What stayed with me into Monday was that we did nothing special, but it felt special and redeeming. Then, it struck me: this is the happiest home that I've ever lived in. I am grateful. 

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