Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Week's Menu

Burl's always into classifying and compartmentalizing life, as am I. This weekend he's done the girl roles and boy roles of the house. "Daddy and I are boys and we do worker stuff, and you and Fern are girls." I asked what we, the girls, did and he thought for only a second and replied, "the food." Later, it turned into, "Daddy's the boss of the house and Mama's in charge of the food, right?" He's starting to see what our roles are at home and I think that's sweet, because, for the most part, those are our major work jobs we do at home. I cook. John fixes stuff. So, how appropriate to share that story on my weekly menu. And, how ironic that I'm posting a picture of John making fresh biscuits for us, which are my favorite biscuits that I've ever had. Truth. Here's our menu for the week: 

Breakfast casserole, cheese grits, biscuits, fruit
Dinner out
Tomato artichoke cream soup, hummus and bread

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