Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Week's Menu

I've never loved cooking more than I do right now. I'm truly loving it and I have no idea why. Part of it might be the progress I've made in counseling the past months about my food issues and shame and all that negative stuff. I hope to post more about that soon. Still, every week I have fun cooking for my family, and every week I hope to post my menu for the week here on the blog. However, I've missed some weeks. With the weather warming, it seems that I'm like most people and like my evenings out of doors. I'm able to post this week, so here is how we're eating (and hopefully most dinners will be eaten outside as well):

Campsite cooking is the dreamiest

Leftovers, mac & cheese
Turkey lettuce pita pockets, black-eyed pea salad
Potato corn chowder
Tilapia tacos, grilled corn
Veggie night: black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, lemon broccoli, fruit
Tomato pasta

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  1. This definitely makes me want to go camping! I've been thinking about it for weeks, but our good weather isn't yet stable enough. (we also haven't invested in outdoor dining yet, the best we can do is sip lemonade on the porch, which isn't bad either!)