Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Simple Adventure Pictures

For a while now, I've wanted to change the photos on our living room wall. Our wedding pictures have been clustered on the wall since we moved into the house almost eight years ago. I've wanted to change them because 1. the scale of the cluster felt too small and I wanted something bigger and 2. while our wedding and marriage is the beginning of the story, I wanted something on the wall that was more telling of our current story (life with babies).

Originally, I wanted a jumbled collage with a big impact, then I saw these clean looking pictures from Jenny's travels and knew that was more of the look that fits me. It's all about knowing what fits our personal taste. Also, this is another example that I don't have any original ideas-I just know how to copy the right people. That's my biggest gift when it comes to decorating my home. 

Here are the before and after pictures. This change turned out perfectly, miracle of miracles. I love the large scale of the oversize pictures, the cool colors of the outdoors, and the simple look of the white mattes and frames (purchased from Hobby Lobby over time as I saved money and used their 40% off coupons). My goals in choosing the pictures were that they had to be somewhere that both John and I traveled, they had to be 100% nature (no man-made structures), and they had to have mostly cool colors.

We've had some fun trips to simple places, so these photographs represent how in the past few years we've become more adventurous and found simple ways to have fun as a family. Since we haven't had any Alaskan/Hawaiian/Irish trips (yet), most of these pictures are from Tennessee. I love that there are many beautiful places to explore within driving distance as there are internationally, but believe me that I would have those pictures up here if I we had gone far away as well. 

I love these photographs and how the change turned out to be exactly what I hoped it to be. 

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