Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baguette Night

On our final meal before our French family returns to France, we had a baguette tasting. We had four loaves from around the city: two local bakeries and two chains. There was much talk, critique, tasting, tasting, and tasting that went into the decision. They decided that Niedlov's and Panera were the best. 

After dinner we spread out around the house and let the kids have the den. They played hard and trashed the room, as only kids can do. Signs of life and play. As for the adults, all I need to share about that part is our French cousin loved my dessert so much that she.asked.for.my.recipe. The Chocolate Cloud Cake that never disappoints. 

I asked for yet another group picture and we called it a night. Baguette Night was wonderful.

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