Thursday, July 3, 2014

Camp Pops

My dad lives in a trailer on a farm about an hour out of the city. It's a sight to see, but I can accept and enjoy it with all its novelties because it was his choice and it is his dream. While we make fun of the conditions, we can't knock a guy for doing what he loves. When I took the kids for an overnight trip to Pops' farm, I told my dad that I can almost, kind of see the appeal of it all. 

We were only there for 24 hours, but we did all the farm things: 
hung a hammock / made a tire swing / axed the bark off my stump tables / rode the tractor / watched satellite tv / caught 9 fish / fed all the animals-the goats, chickens, and cows / went on 5,000 four-wheeler rides / swam in the new pool / played on the rusted playground / slept in the tent / and had perfect lighting for all the pictures. 

It is somewhat amazing that this little trip even happened. I can't believe that I have wonderful kids and a wonderful husband and my dad can't believe he has this farm with it's all its appeal and grandchildren and we just look like a normal-ish family. There were a couple of very rough decades in our family history, so experiences like these taste a little bit more amazing. 

Thanks Pops for entertaining us! We were tired and dirty, but we were all very happy. 

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