Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Favorite Salad

Once a week, I try to make everyone unhappy and serve salad for dinner. If the salad is lame, then I'll make a batch of fresh bread to redeem the meal. Our kids do well with salad, but they need reminders to eat the lettuce and not just the toppings. 

Recently, I made a salad that everyone in the house loves. Often we are able to save some for leftovers. When the kids hear that I'm making salami salad (I only use half the salami), they get excited. One time Burl told me it's his favorite meal. Fern jumps up and down when we have it for dinner. While most salad nights don't go this well, Salami Salad Night is a huge hit. I highly recommend it. Click on the picture for the recipe: 

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