Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Family Potluck Birthday

It's still amazing to me that my divorced-parent family has its little traditions. Our birthday tradition is to go out to eat to birthday person's favorite restaurant. It's not a very unique tradition, but again, divorced parents and traditions go together like oil and water. They just don't mix. Our most recent birthday was my own. Instead of a restaurant, I asked my family to come to my house and cook dinner together-meaning my parents did most of the cooking.

It was much more fun this way. We had slow appetizers, turns playing Mario Cart, and many laughs at my parents cooking beside each other. The dinner was relaxed and slowly paced, which was so nice. 

The food wasn't too bad either. Homemade pasta noodles, the cream sauce I've ever had, shrimp, scallops...and that was just the main dish. It was amazing. The kids were able to be wild and crazy with their family, instead of sitting quietly at a restaurant. This was a perfect decision.

We ended the night with something that's never happened before: I got a picture with just me and my parents. My whole life and I never got this before:

I'm old enough and experienced enough to know that nights like these are to be cherished and remembered. It was a very happy birthday night to me.

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