Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Burl's Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving 2014

Besides the table that I set for Thanksgiving this year, we had another notable event. Since my brothers were teenagers, they've raced in our local Turkey Trot with the hopes of winning. They've come in the top 10 for several years and never winning, but as their sister, I have faith that someone is going to win it eventually. 

My brothers have successfully led the way to get a few of us to join. One year I did the short race and John's done the long one twice now. The biggest deal to date was that Burl ran the Kiddie K! His good friend Carson ran it as well, both boys sporting camo, so that made the race even more exciting. 

With all the unknowns and the craziness and Burl determined that at four years old he was going to win the race, the race could have imploded on us. However, there were parents and two happy uncles and enough excitement for Burl to finish. He ran the whole way, which was our only goal. 

At the end Carson's mom, Joy, looked at me and said, "I'm crying a little bit," to which I replied, "me too!" We got those boys a drink and watched the big race that John and my brothers ran.

The rest of Thanksgiving was eating/lounging/playing on repeat. My family came back to our house for lunch, where Fern passed out snuggles. Then we headed to John's parents for cousin time. This year was full and easy-a good Thanksgiving, but it will always been known as the year Burl ran his first race.

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