Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Warehouse Row Santa, 2014

(PC: my friend Amanda on her phone)

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Santa, but I'm in love with Santa. Taking the kids to visit him has surprisngly become a tradition and it somewhat launches us into Christmas cheer. Our favorite place to talk with him is Warehouse Row, where word has gotten out about how wonderful the night is. 

This year was extra special because they had two reindeer for us to see. On the way there, Burl was processing the concept of Santa. We tell him that Mama and Daddy bring the toys on Christmas, not Santa, but he still wants to believe that the whole concept is real. Here are his questions:
Is this going to be the real Santa or just one of the dress up ones?
What does Santa eat? 
I bet he slaughters his reindeer for food.


Besides talking to Santa and getting some answers to his questions (no, he doesn't slaughter his reindeer), the kids thoroughly enjoyed the entire night. The kids were monkeys, got candy canes, saw several friends, watched a movie and almost destroyed those huge red balloons. 

The open house is such a sweet time. When it comes to Christmas excitement, commercial Christmas that is, they nailed it. Wonderment for everyone!

(Santa visit 2012)

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