Monday, December 22, 2014

Irregular Women's Christmas Party

My first design in my latte. I'm an official yuppy now. 

There's this group of us that came together in the most irregular way-It all started with a girls' weekend trip four years ago and we've been a haphazard group ever since then-some of us being closer than others. We met for our women's Christmas party which was more like a last minute trip to the coffee shop. I brought my new lens, Jenny brought her baby, and we passed them around equally. An apology should be offered to all the people who were there as many seemed focused on a task and we kept erupting in laughter. While our text conversations are enough to make me laugh, I'm always glad to get together with girlfriends, especially the erupting laughter ones. (We were missing a few, and I never got that group shot that is always in the back of my mind.)

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