Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute Letter Writing

For a while, I've have several letters that I've been wanting to write.  Thank you's, congrats, and general catching up.  Last week, the planets aligned and I was able to get them written.  I grabbed my favorite writing tools, if you want to call them that, and I know that you do..  Then, I went to my current writing and reading spot.

My favorite shabby chic book
Some good pens
Giddy Up

It all felt very cute and romantic.  {Romantic as in dreamy, not as in kissy-face.}  And that's how I like to write letters.  In a cute place.  With cute stuff.  And maybe a cute pink ruffle shirt I bought at Old Navy for $4.

{Let me say that I think it's kind of silly that I took a picture of myself for this post.  
Oh well.  I was feeling giddy.}  

All this cute stuff makes letter writing even better for me.  And it might be silly sounding right now, but just let it sink in for a minute.  Us girls like to do things cute.  Whatever your poison {letter writing, reading, frosting a cake, shopping, cleaning, mani's and pedi's}, I know there is something out there that we each like to do *cute*. 

If letter writing sounds like a chore that is done while leaning on the kitchen counter, then what would happen if it became cuter?  Just throwing it out there...

Also, I would love to know what your poison is?  What do you like to do cute?  


  1. i like to drink cute. preferably champagne. it's been a while.

  2. Please tell me how you keep your house so spick n' span clean and then I'll tell you what I like to do cute!

  3. you might be as cute as burl posing there with your self timer in your pink shirt. not sure.