Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break

This week my mom is on her spring break from work.  Which means that I am on spring break this week as well.  Appointments booked, jury duty, luncheons, craft time with friends, it's all covered because I have a babysitter at my beck and call.  

Come in early, stay late, call at the last minute.  Yep, my mom is here and ready to hang with Burl.

Today, after being gone for a few hours, I returned home.  

"What are you going home so early?!?"
"It's one.  I said I would be back around one."
"Well, don't have you something to do or somewhere to go?  I'm not ready to leave."

Those are like magic words to me (and probably most moms out there).

I finally decided that I would take a nap.  My mom packed Burl in the car and took him while I had the house to my house to nap.  

House.to.myself.  That is my absolute favorite thing in the world.  It's so rare these days.  

When it happens, I usually crank up the music, dance, and clean.  It's wild.  I'm talkin' WIIILLDD!

Today was a little different.  I missed Burl.  After she left, I stumbled around the house for a little bit.  Finally, I grabbed my book and headed to nap.  All I really did was look at pictures of Burl on my phone.  Eventually I feel asleep.

I missed him.  Bad.  I missed the noise and the action and the playing and the funny faces that Burl makes.  And I remember what someone told me.  She's older than me and her boys are out of the house for good.  

She used to love and crave time by herself.  The house to herself.  Just a little bit of quiet to herself.  And now, with the realization that her boys will probably never live in the same house as her again, she misses the noise and the action and she isn't too found of the quiet.  

I remind myself once again to live in the moment.  Enjoy the moment.  It's too great not to.


  1. Hi Meg,
    Saw your farewell comment on Melanie's Pretties & Posies blog. I find myself getting frustrated that there is not enough time to do it all. Then at the end of the day I really want to blog but prefer sleep first on the list of priorities.

    Anyway, just read your post on Whole Foods, My Version and enjoyed the read. I am also trying to keep it whole by keeping things fresh, simple and using less boxed items.

    Could Burl be any cuter? Too bad we weren't closer for a play date and coffee.

  2. It looks like Burl is having a great time and sounds like you enjoyed having some Meg time. Grandmother sounds lovely.

    = Everyone's happy! x

  3. Um hello your baby boy is just delicious! Those cheeks, that smile! What a cutie! No wonder you miss him when he's gone! You're so lucky to have had your mom around this week and I'm sure she loved every second with that guy! Enjoy him.


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