Monday, April 25, 2011

For Fun I Had A Breakthrough

After I had Burl, something changed in me.  I don't know what happened.  Maybe it was being freed of 9 months of having a pregnant know the one that is a bit jumbled....or maybe it was becoming a stay-at-home mom that changed me...I'm not sure.  But one thing was for sure:

I had a river of creativity and excitement and energy flowing out of me.

I learned how to sew.  I sewed and sewed and sewed.  Including this ruffle shirt and this ruffle shirt.  I couldn't get enough adventures.  At home adventures and outside adventures.
I had a new camera, so I couldn't stop taking pictures of the Burly boy.

Then, just for fun, I started a blog.  Not to make money with ads.  Not to become known to the masses.  Just for fun.  Forfun.forfun.forfun.

And I had fun.  Until I got pregnant again.  Until I desired popularity.  Until I was threatened by all those cool blogs out there.  I forgot what I was doing.  I tried to copy people.  I tried to be like the cool ones.  I tried.  And it wasn't fun anymore.  

Then, a friend asked me to help makes some onesies as baby shower decorations.  Something clicked:  Hey, I like doing this stuff.  I like having fun.  I like my little blog just the way it is.  Some professionals call this a "breakthrough."  

I call it a good reminder:
Keep it real.  Keep it fun.  Things will go much smoother.  


  1. Ummmm, all I can I say is, "totally."

  2. great encouragement, Meg! it's SO easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing (and so why am I even trying to compete or participate). i love your blog, your craftiness and your great photos of sweet Burl - just the way they are! :)

  3. Amen sista! Your blog is so refreshing to read, just like being with you is so refreshing! These readers of yours who don't have the privilege of knowing you personal are missing out I tell ya! Keep on keeping it real and fun Meg!. Now if I could only keep my blog going. But that's a whole 'notha issue. :)

  4. A really great post. I enjoyed blogging and being creative to begin with and about a year in I wondered what I was doing it for and found I couldn't achieve all the great things people show. Since then I've decided I don't care and will write what I want to write and try to be creative even if I don't always succeed.

    For a moment I thought you might be saying you were stopping blogging. So pleased you're not - it's a great blog! x

  5. I think you are so fun to read...almost as fun as you are to be with. Plus you are inspiring my daughter who also likes reading and fun. Keep doin' whatcha doin'! You are cool.

  6. I popped over to see your onesies and got a pleasant surprise with your post. I think most of us have had this experience in this blogging world! Great Post! Oh, and darling onesies.

  7. So true! I'm so glad you posted this. I just started my blog a little over a month ago and for some reason I already feel the pressure to be like the "cool" blogs.

    I have decided to be myself and let it flow...

    Have a great day! And AMAZING onesies!

  8. How do you wash the onsies? Are they machine safe after you put the rosettes and lace on?