Friday, April 1, 2011

Train of Thoughts

Last pregnancy I'm not sure that I played the pregnancy card enough.  Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.  I'm not sure.  The point is this...I'm going double duty on this one.  

Lots of explaining things away because I'm pregnant. Lots and lots and loads and loads.

First up...I can't seem to collect a full thought.  Here is a list of random things:

1.  March is apparently national crafts month.
2.  (There's a whole month dedicated to crafts?)
3. I feel like I wasted March.

4.  How many spaces do you leave behind a period? (or a question mark.)
5.  The rule used to be 2 spaces and they changed it to 1 space.
6.  I think about this a lot.
7.  What's next...driving on the left side of the road?!?

8.  This work at week someone said that they couldn't believe I was old enough to have a kid and that I look barely 20.  
9.  This work at week someone said that they couldn't believe I was old enough to have a kid and that I look barely 20.  
10.  Even though I'm SO EXCITED about turning 30 in a few months, I'm even more excited for someone to tell me that I look BARELY 20.

11.  Some neighbor kids have airsoft guns.  Our yard was apparently the best place for that game.
12.  I think that they were attracted to my budding hydrangeas.

13.  I think that I kissed Burl over 1,000 times this morning.
14.  While putting him down for a nap, I sang/sobbed a horrible rendition of Jesus Loves You.

15.  I like to drink juice out of wine glasses.

16.  I'm on the hunt for summer maternity clothes.
17.  This year's theme: dresses.

18.  Could I be showing this early?
19.  Or have I really been eating that bad in the past couple of weeks?
20.  Gym...we will meet again soon.

21.  Because I got more feedback about the goat then I ever imagined, I thought another picture was in order.

22.  This work at week someone said that they couldn't believe I was old enough to have a kid and that I look barely 20.

23.  I have a really fun weekend ahead!  I hope you do as well!


  1. I wrote a similar post to this a while ago when I will ill. My mind was full of wandering wonders.

    I look ridiculously young for my age and so does Mr P. When I look at our wedding photos on the photographer's website and compare them with the other brides and grooms, we just look like teenagers who ran away from home. Silly!

    I'm glad that I know of another person now who is excited about turning 30. Yay - I'm not the only one.

    That goat is still just too cute.
    Have a good weekend! x

  2. lol@ "this work at week"
    clearly your brain is already fried. if it makes you feel better, i keep putting the crackers in the fridge and the brie in the cabinet after i snack.

    can you bring the goat to my shower??

  3. When did the whole 1 space-period-thing happen? Why did no one tell me? Not that it would matter; I tend to stick to the old rules like no white shoes/pants before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, and Miss Manners is my friend.

  4. I found you the pleated poppy comments section today and I just had to leave a comment.

    I lost sleep over the 1 space/2 space debate. I posted an article on fb about it and that apparently I was living under a rock because I had NO idea. It was interesting to hear the responses. Some said they would never change to two, others already had. I am a rule follower so it wasn't long before I changed to one. But I was very conscious of it at first and wondered if anyone noticed. ;)

    Cute blog, btw.


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