Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tree-ish House

Sometimes I like to be different.  Decorate out of the box.  Repurpose things.  Do stuff that "no one else has done before."  {Well, that's kind of hard when I don't have one original idea, and all I do is copy the cool people...but I digress.} 

Here's a family that is really doing something different.  What a cool house.  Don't worry about the logistics of bugs, insulation, blah, blah, blah.

Just look at the pictures and think, "how cool."  And maybe dream up what your {tree}house would look like if you got to design one similar.

To read the whole story and see more details, click HERE for their website.  Don't miss the OTHER IMAGES page!  It's all quite dreamy!


  1. That house is so cool! And I've always wanted a tree house. :)


  2. I love it, looks like a place where you could really relax and be happy!


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