Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Labor day was exactly what we needed.  A full day together.  Pure bliss.  There aren't many days that are completely blank of parties, errands, or obligations.  Monday was one of those days.  A blank canvas of a day for us to paint-sound a little cheesy-too bad.  It fits the day.  

After the busy (and fun) wedding weekend, we needed a day together.  It started with me waking up with a vision of pancakes, so pancakes we did make.  By "we," I mean Burl and me.  He helped me crack the egg.  He helped me dump the ingredients.  He helped me stir.  He got antsy when I had to take a turn stirring, and I remembered what it was like to cook with my parents.  They let me help, but every so often, they would need to stir the correct way-scraping the sides, getting down deep.  I remember that being more tortuous than waiting out adult swim, wondering, will I EVER GET MY TURN AGAIN???

He had his turn again.  He enjoyed himself.  He waited patiently for breakfast #2.  

We braved the rain-the first we'd seen in a month-and went for lunch.  Not just rain, but downpour.  It took us 3 different routes to get there, but we made it to my new favorite sub shop for lunch.  When we got home, before the nap, I sat Burl down for a picture in his rain jacket.  His too-cute-rain-jacket.  He's not sure about wearing long sleeves, but he rolled with it.  

There was a little bit of fussiness, so I did what every good, American parent would do.
I consoled him with a cookie.  

It did the trick.  Lunch. Cookie. Nap.

I pressed another cup of decaf, grabbed my book, and hit the den for some nice, rainy day reading.  Our den is a lot less stressful with it's recent face lift.  And coffee just taste great out of a lettered mug from Anthro.  

For dinner, we warmed ourselves up with the famous 5-bean chili.  Really, I could serve this once and week and John and Burl would probably love me more for it.  


This was supposed to be more about what we did on Labor Day, not what we ate on Labor Day.  Oh well, sometimes those are the cutest times with Burl-watching him feed himself.  There is something so precious about it to me!  What joy.  What bliss.

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  1. Ok, gotta know ~ what's your new favorite sub shop? {I'm not letting good eats go uneaten by me!}


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