Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Laundry Closet - Before & After

I'm sure that everyone has been staying up at night wondering just exactly was the beauty behind the laundry doors.  Yeah.  I'm sure.

First, let's just take a little reminder of the before and after transformation:

That transformation in itself was enough to have me singing praise songs and skipping to do laundry.  I've seen amazing laundry rooms that are large and well organized, but something struck me while facebook stalking a couple of my friends:  I saw where people were hanging pictures above their washer and dryer and I thought, "well, now if that isn't smart to make something cute to look at while they do the laundry shuffle!"

My version of that was to paint the back wall a fun color.  I went with an aqua color that is not too blue and not too green and it pretty much is my favorite thing about this room.  If you come over, then I'll walk you in there and point to the wall and hope that you Ooo and Ahh over the beauty of this color and how fun it is!

Then, there are the shelves!  Oh two glorious, long, sturdy, aqua shelves that I can pack full of house necessities!  Be still my heart, because I'm a happy housewife.  I feel so good that I'm considering laying rose petals down on my path to the laundry closet.

No fancy appliances.  No large organizational spaces.  Just a painted wall and a couple of shelves to make me feel like I have the luxurious-est laundry space.


  1. Great look. The pop of color is sure to make you smile when folding laundry.

  2. I'm loving your paint color choice!! It's so fresh and so clean, clean. Pretty as a picture.

  3. Just came over from You are featured in her nest files.

    What an amazing transformation.

    I also have a laundry closet. It is painted an apple green like your room was before.

    However, the blue is SOOOOOOO soothing, calming.

    I love the shelves! Outstanding job!

  4. I did mine too a couple months ago. So fun. I love going in there now and trying to keep it looking like the pic on my blog. Which I am neglecting horribly.

  5. It looks so cheerful - I would keep the doors open all the time too...if I could manage to keep the tops of the washer and dryer tidy that is. :)

  6. Fun! Your room was added the same era as my back den - 1970's? I have the same paneling (that we also painted:) ).


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