Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pallet Love

So because of yesterday's post, everyone has a Pinterest account, right?  Great!  Because I'm going to introduce you to my favorite thing on Pinterest right now: Pallets.  

You know, pallets?  Those wooden things that they ship stuff on.  When I worked at The Linen Closet, we had tons of these laying around.  We had a hard time getting rid of them.  Now, people are using them to furnish their homes!!!

My pallet love all started when my small friend Patty told me about Pallet bookshelves for the walls.  She sent me a link to Little Lucy Lu about them.  How great!  I could do that, right?

When I was poking around the link for directions on how to make them, I saw that Lucy loves pallets.  She has a pinterest board dedicated to Pallet Projects.  That's where I got all these pictures.  Everyone needs to go there right now and see all this cool stuff.

Pallets are so easy to come by!  Most places will freely give them away-just have to ask.  I think my dad can get me some.  If you want me to get you one too, then let me know.  I'm all about some pallet projects!

Just look at that beautiful, raw wood.  Just watch the splinters.

Who wants to get together and play craftsman and make us some stuff?  


  1. I am a lover off all things raw wood. I really like the outdoor coffee table.

  2. Did you ever find the directions for the bookshelves? We NEED some of those.


  3. Um, duh - you have a link to the project! It looks so easy.


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