Wednesday, August 31, 2011


That's a pretty color below, isn't it?  Aqua, turquoise, not sure what it's called. But I know that I pinned it to "Fern's room" as the color that I'm hoping to use.

The next two pictures are also pinned to my board called "Fern's Room."

I'm talking in a language called Pinterest.  Many people I know speak this language, but many people I know still don't really understand.  I love explaining it, so here I go.  

Some people have inspiration boards or inspiration notebooks where they keep things they want to remember.  For example, decorators might tear out pictures of magazines of rooms they like and stick them in a notebook.  Chefs might put bookmarks in their favorite cookbooks-or the pages are naturally bookmarked from many splatters of ingredients, like some of mine.

Pinterest is the same, but it's online.  When I see a picture I like of a recipe, a quote, a craft, a decorated room, I "pin it."  Then I decide which board I want it to go on.  I have one called "Fern's room."  That's the name that I think we're naming our little girl, due in a couple months.  You can check it out here-it's a collection of fabrics I like, colors I like, decorating ideas, etc. 

When I click on any of the pictures, it takes me back to the original website where the picture was found.  That blue mason jar above, it's painted blue.  I can go to my Pinterest board called Craft Ideas, find the picture, click on the picture, and find the directions to make my own blue mason jar.

Every pin that I do has to have a caption.  Two of my friends that I follow pinned the picture above.  One said, "I love the curtain rod." The other said, "I love the framed gun."  Too funny, Rennee.  

Another Pinterest word is follow.  That means that whoever I follow, I see every picture that they pin.  One of my friends pinned the picture above.  That's a DIY painted carpet.  How cool!

To become a part of Pinterest, an invitation is needed.  Or a faecbook account.  Or a twitter account.  I made a fake twitter account to use.  If you would like an invitation, then leave me a comment or email me at  If there are any questions, then there are very nice and helpful people that will email any answers to any questions asked.  I know, I asked a lot of questions.

I hope that helped a little bit.  If you haven't signed up, then go do it right now!  Then, let the addiction start.  It's kind of like decorating magazines but with a better picture:word:advertisement ratio.

All images can be found on my pinterest account.  Click HERE for it. 


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