Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Animal Shirts

Pinterest, a blog, not sure where, but somewhere I saw the idea of putting a white animal on a patterned shirt...instead of a patterned animal on a white shirt.  Genius. 

When these stripe shirts went on clearance at the Gap, I grabbed them up.  Project time!!!

I had some extra white linen at home, so I got busy making some fun shirts for Burl.  Despite the picture, the white does not glow.

Here are the shirts before.
I washed them before I started, covering them in a little layer of lint.

Here's what I used:
Extra material, this time being linen
That iron-on stuff to adhere the linen to the shirt
Card stock animal stencil
Sewing machine (not pictured)
6-month pregnant baby bump (Can't not be pictured)

Here's a little tip about getting cute animal shapes:  The turtle is actually from my cousin.  One night when she was babysitting, I asked her to draw me a few animals for another project.

For the whale I typed "whale" in pinterest, picked out a cute one, then held my paper to the computer screen and traced them.

I have a friend who goes to a local boutique, takes a picture secretly with her phone of cute animals on shirts, then goes home and copies them.

No need to be an artist.  Just a great copycat.  

After I got some cute animals copied, I traced them on the linen with the iron-on-adhesive, then ironed the animal on the shirt.  I don't have much luck with the iron projects staying on completely, so I went around the edges with a sewing machine.  It was an extra 5 minutes, but well worth it.

And wa-la.  Two shirts {from me. with love. for Burl.} that say, "my mom likes to craft.  Please tell her to stay away from my clothes."


  1. Look at you, crafty mama. That whale is A-dorable. I say animals all over the little man's clothes while you still can!

  2. nice post .. like it .. so creative .. thanks for sharing .. love the dinosaur / turtle .. haha


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