Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Week's Menu

Every Sunday, I post my menu for the week.  It's really not that exciting, but it helps me.  It helps me remember what I have made in the weeks past, it helps me remember what I'm suppose to be making this week, and I can link recipes to my blog for easy access.  Again, nothing too exciting.

This week, we're doing some grilling.  Time to break in our new little $80 grill.
I couldn't be more excited.  

Picture via those mismatched chairs!

Burgers and Salad
Frijoles Negros with Quesadillas
Grilled Chicken Sandwiches* with Corn on the Cob

*I'm doing the chicken Chik-fil-a style.  Do you have a chik-fil-a where you live?  There chicken is pretty good and here's the secret: they marinate it in dill pickle juice.  Very yummy.  Very easy.


  1. I'll be joining you for the fettucine night. :) Please have an ice cold Coke next to my plate as well. Orrrr sweet tea. I would be "dropping in" on your house every night around dinner time (what a coincidence!) if I still lived in Chatty!!

  2. Dill pickle juice? Really?
    I'm a pickle Faaaaa-reak. I'm thinking that must be why I enjoy the chik-fil-a so much...
    Huh. Who knew? (well, you apparently)


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