Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mossy Letters

Remember those mossy letters from Jenny's bridal shower?  I made them.  They were so easy and so cute, that I'm trying to find more excuses to make mossy letters.  Green moss.  Brown moss (except brown moss isn't really moss is it?)  And it's not really moss that I was using.

Here's what I used:
cardboard letters
hot glue and glue gun
that straw stuff*
spray paint, but that's really optional

*There was real moss at the craft store but it was $16/ bag, the straw was only $3, so I went with the straw.  

First, I spray painted them green.  I happened to have some green spray paint, and I thought that it would help camouflage the letters.  I think that I would have been fine without it.  

Then I squeezed some fresh melted glue on the letters, grabbed a wad of straw/grass/moss stuff and pushed it into the glue.   

I put moss on the front and sides of all the letters.  I think it took all of 15 minutes to do three letters.  They were a little wild looking, so I trimmed them with my scissors.  

Before trim!                                                    After trim

Wa-La.  A fun decoration.  I knew that Jenny was interested in using them in her wedding, so they didn't go to waste after the shower.  Now, think of all the possibilities that moss letters could enter your life!  Baby's room.  Showers.  Office inspiration.  Christmas decorations.  Oh the fun of moss...or stuff that kind of looks like moss...

(A little tip if you buy the real, more expensive moss:  apparently the moss smells pretty bad, but that problem can be eliminated if they are sprayed with hairspray.)


  1. They look great - really fun and very organic looking. x

  2. I really like these more than the other type of moss!

  3. These are waaay to cute and simple NOT to make! I love the idea of using them as Christmas decorations. "Ho Ho Ho" perhaps??

    Consider yourself pinned to Pinterest, lady.


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