Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue Mason Jar Invitations

My friends and I are a little obsessed with blue mason jars right now.

Allison used them in her wedding, and Jenny is going to use them in her farm wedding in just a few weeks.  Naturally, they were the inspiration for Jenny's bridal shower this past weekend.  

When I saw these invitations on minted, I new I had to figure out a way to incorporate them into the shower invitations.  The ones on minted.com were cool, but I wanted something more colorful for Jenny.  Grey just doesn't suit her.  She's a pretty colorful dresser, a great hairstylist and probably owns more Anthro products than anyone I know.  Color had to be part of the shower invitations!

So I started hunting a mason jar rubber stamp.  Rubber stamps get a bad wrap sometimes.  Mostly because I think we were introduced to them in elementary school stamped on papers saying "great."  Lame.  These days, rubber stamps have come a long way.  For me, I love them. Since I have no idea how to do graphic design and come up with my own mason jar, I rely heavily on art stores to supply cool rubber stamps.  

I called my local stationary shop first.  They didn't sell any, but they told me to check Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  So, I started calling around.  (Calling around is faster and easier than shopping around-especially being 6 months pregnant, toting around a 1-year-old, and enjoying record high temperatures).  

This is where I would like to give a shout out to Michael's and Hobby Lobby who were quick, knowledgeable, and didn't treat me like I was calling to see if they sold aliens like JoAnn's did.  Michael's had one.  They saved it for me.  I got it and I found a great blue ink pad.  Then, I found a firefly-ish stamp with gold ink.  

First, I printed them on my computer.  This took a few times to get the spacing correct, but I got it.  (Tip: when deciding spacing with a stamp, I select "view," then "zoom," then "100%."  Then, I hold the stamp to the screen to see how I like things.)  After they were printed, I cut them, rounded the edges, and stamped away.  The fireflies were a bit light, but I went with it.  

I just love the aqua/pink/gold color combination.  We carried that color combination on to the shower decorations.  I grabbed a few pictures and will be sharing them later.  Most of all, I love that stamp.  Now I'm wondering what else needs a blue mason jar stamp?

{The first three pictures were from The Vintage Daughter on Etsy.  She has some cute stuff!}


  1. meg, these are so cute! You're so creative.
    i have an idea. i'm going to become your {paid} intern.
    i follow you around and do what you do! :)
    ok sounds great.

  2. LOVE the stamp!

    Should I take offense to the elementary comment?? I have cooler stamps than "great"... :)

  3. Alright, I'm posting a comment so I don't feel like a lurker anymore! The invites and the shower were perfect! But I am a little sad that Kate didn't grace us with her presence...:)


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