Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Week's Menu

Here I am again to post my menu for this week.  Nothing too exciting, but I love doing this!  First, I always forget what I planned to make, and this is a great reminder.  Second, if I ever have a recipe from the internet the link is right here.  Third, I can look back at old menus to see what I want to repeat or what I want to not-make-again-for-the-3rd-time-this-month.  

Again, nothing exciting.  Just our food.

Broccoli Soup and Tomato/Cheddar Sandwiches
Grilled Burgers and Oven Mashed Potatoes
Cornmeal Catfish, Salad, Corn on the Cob
Tuna Salad Wraps, Chips and Salsa


  1. Where do you do your grocery shopping?

  2. I haven't tried Publix since there isn't one really close to us (wish there was!). Do you go to the one in E. Brainerd? I generally stick with Walmart, but sometimes get stuff from Linda's on Ringgold Road (Close to the 'stridge: east ridge tunnels). You should check it out:


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