Friday, August 5, 2011

The Climbing Gym

Guys don't need words to bond.  Conversation will never be the spark that ignites a friendship between guys.  No.  They need activity.  To do something.  Last weekend, John, Joseph, Burl, and a couple of our relatives from France got some good guy bonding time at the climbing gym.

Our relatives don't speak much English and we certainly don't know any French, but last Sunday that was ok.  They spoke the universal language of strength and determination.  Solving problems.  Finding routes.  Exercising muscles.  And doing it all over again.  Over and Over.  

I took pictures and talked to people.  Because I'm a girl and that's what girls do.  And they don't make maternity climbing harnesses.  

Burl had an absolute blast.  The padded floor, the climbing pads, the open space to roam, and of course lots of playtime with Uncle Joseph.  

 Joseph wasn't the only one who played with him.  All the climbers were great  with Burl.  They laughed with him, played with him, and someone even split a granola bar with him.  I'll say this about climbers:  they are one of two types of people - laid back or intense, but I have never met a climber that is uptight.  That is so refreshing. 

It makes me less uptight.  I was ok with chasing Burl around the gym for over an hour.  As he ran around like an animal released into the wild, I kept him from running underneath the climbers.  

It was pretty exhausting for him.  He doesn't play that hard at the playground.  When he finally took a break on the mat, I knew he had had a good time.  

I wonder how long until John has him on the wall climbing?

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  1. What a cute post. I think I would taken up a spot right next to him on the mat if I had to chase him for an hour. To borrow one of your lines, it was refreshing, and made me smile.
    Connie (aka Lou)


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