Monday, August 8, 2011


What is it about children that they just love the outside?  I mean, they really love it.  After breakfast, Burl usually goes to the front door and points and grunts.  Just like a dog, Burl signals to me that he needs his little does of mother nature.  Depending on our plans for the day, I usually oblige.  

One morning last week, we went outside to find that I had left the hose out from watering the hydrangeas the night before.
Burl's reaction was on the same lines as a kid walking into the living room on Christmas morning.

For one morning, we let the water run for quite a while.  I sat on our stoop, took pictures, and watched Burl consume more water in 30 minutes than he has in his entire life.
Laughing.  Squealing.  Complete Excitement.  

After a bit, we finally came inside.  Our rule is this: Burl gets to play outside until he has a major fall or starts putting stuff in his mouth.  I'm not talking chewing on a stick here.  I'm talking dirt eating over and over and drinking out of puddles.  

This morning in particular was a "drink out of the the muddy puddles morning."  He got his warnings.  He was told to stop.  And he couldn't resist.  Mud must taste great to little boys.  I scooped him up, screaming and crying, and brought him inside for he got some dry clothes and diaper.  

Before the screaming, before the disobedience, there was smiling.  Pure magical bliss.  He had a good time - just like any kid with a good water hose.  

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  1. I came here through your comment on chatting at the sky. Just wanted to say that your little man is so cute and it's so true how much little ones love the outdoors. :) Enjoyed this post.


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