Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's Letters Is Fun

When I came across the blog, Today's Letters, I was immediately struck.  

I have quoted their subtitle thingy before, "There are many things that can change a life...a letter is one of them."  Wow.  So very much true.  Many times letters have changed lives and changed history.  See: the Bible, anything exchanged during and before the pony express, and all those letters that we each have saved and tucked away from people we love.  

Tim & Em, the Today's Letters people.

I talk about letters sometimes.  I do this because I think that there are so many important things that are left unsaid.  Cute stationery is great and all, but nothing is better than putting important, encouraging thoughts and feelings down on paper and sending it off to someone that means a lot to you.  

Another thing that immediately struck me was that their About Me section ended with "Holla."  Anyone who knows the correct way to spell holla is solid in my book.  Also, it was sign that being silly and goofy was an element of their blog and their letters.  I love me some silly and goofy.  

Every Friday, they have Fist Pump Friday where people from all over the world give their best fist pumps and leg kicks.  Sometimes they present a challenge: this week fist pumps in front of your favorite local pizza joint.  If you're from Chattanooga, then you know that there was only one option: Lupi's

So, my small friend Patty and I did it.  We went there and got our pictures taken with one of the employees who has been working there since I've been eating there-somewhere back in high school-15 years ago.  Lupi's was one of the first cool places in our downtown, they play their music loudly, they used Christmas lights all year round before everyone else did, and they are the home to where John and I fell in love.  Over calzones.  Lurv them.  

So, enjoy this day.  
Write that letter that you want.  
Do something quirky and silly.  
On the streets of your downtown or not.
It'll make ya smile.


  1. hey girl thanks for the link...looks doable:) love the fist pump and leg kick pic. i need to do something silly;)

  2. Ok, so when I got to the Lupi's picture my stomach growled. Like, audibly, loudly, make the cat wake up from his nap and give me a look growled.

    What fun pictures!!


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