Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Balanced Weekend.

I would like to dedicate this post to Super Moon.  Super Moon: You made an appearance in the sky that was grand and I almost let out a howl, but then I got a little mad at you because you looked like a blurry sunset in my pictures.  However, I had a change of heart.  When I gave up on getting the shot, I forgave you and stood in wonder and amazement and just how grand this universe is.

This past weekend was really nice.  Or for me, at least.  Poor John spent most of Saturday working on the ceiling.  I helped him for 2.6 minutes and was complaining of arm cramps and severe pain.  I'm just too delicate for some things.  Yeah, that's it.  

Saturday morning, John sensed that I needed a little time to myself.  He told me to go and do whatever I wanted to do.  His exact words were, "take your time."  Being the submissive wife that I am, I left him with a napping Fern and an eager-to-work Burl.  

And I went on an adventure.  Guess what I did?  I did the stand-up board on the river.  Not.  I just sat on the sidelines and took pictures of random people doing adventurous things.  It's kind of the same thing.  

The picture above is from my morning by myself.  That is my survival kit.  My bag of tricks.  It contained a book, a journal, a camera and lenses, a nice pen, a water bottle, and $400.  Well, give or take or take a few 100's.  I've got a few things to say about my time by myself, but that's for a later post.  


By the time I got back home, I was refreshed and my supermom powers were back to full force.  John and I both worked on projects.  He was pretty focused, while I piddled between every step of my burlap project.  Pin it.  Check my phone.  Sew it.  Check the computer.  Cut it.  Make a cup of decaf.  After 3 1/2 hours of nap time, we decided to wake those kids up!  

After dinner, we decided to go on a mini-family-adventure.  We took the kids to get yogurt.  Well, we took ourselves to get yogurt and let the kids come along.  Little back story:  Before we left, we told Burl that we were going to go on an adventure and he got excited and started trying to get in the double stroller like we were going for a walk in our neighborhood.  Bless his heart.  We told him that we weren't going on a walk, instead we were going for ice cream.  He threw both hands up and said "Yeah!"

Well, the ice cream, aka frozen yogurt, was a family hit.  So much for waiting until Fern turns one to give her sugar.  Sista loved her some Sweet Cici's.  

We were able to grab a family picture before leaving.  Lucky for us, the bumble bee family stopped right behind us.  The entire family was dressed in yellow and black, which to me is interesting.  If I'm going to dress my family in the same colors (which I'm not), yellow and black would not be my top choice.  Oh well, to each his own.

To be honest, if those little yellow shorts were any shorter, we would have had our own little Super Moon right there on the sidewalk.  That'swhatI'mtalkin'about.

This post would not be complete if I didn't mention that we started watching Downton Abby.  Why has no one ever mentioned this cute little series?  Kidding.  Everyone was right-that is such a fun show!  After watching a few episodes, it had me writing a few letters, hoping to get some in return, and really enjoy cleaning the little offices that I clean on the weekend.  Like, I have this cleaning job and I usually dread it, but this time I really enjoyed it.  Also, after 3 days, I think that I've finally learned to call it Downton, not Downtown.  

Between working, adventuring, and getting some down time, I can say that this past weekend was perfectly balanced.


  1. HAHAHA bumblebee bootayyyyyy
    ps. super cute shirt! (and babies)

  2. I think we should be pen pals. I love real mail as much as you do!

  3. Thanks for kicking off my morning with a laugh!

    When you're done with both seasons of Downton, try Larkrise to Candleford. It's a little less dramatic, but full of interesting characters and beautiful scenery (and a girl who writes in a journal AND is a post-mistress!).

  4. You crack me up!!
    Long time lurker, first time comment-er?.

  5. Yay for the bag of tricks. When I make my own, it always puts me in a fun "adventure" mode. Btw- blue ruffled shirt... you're rocking it.

  6. Okay, I get it. I post things about playdates at tide pools to make you jealous, and you blog about life in beautiful Chatty and shopping at Publix which makes me jealous. Two can play this game... :-)