Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rubber Stamps & Colored Ink

Here's a little story about making some wedding shower invitations that I'm making for a shower that I'm hosting:

Rubber stamps, a color printer, and a little imagination goes a long way when it comes to making invitations.  I have so much fun with it and it's so much cheaper, that I think I will make my own invitations for the rest of my life.  Or until someone has an intervention with me.  {I feel like that's coming.  Someone is about to sit me down and have a talk- "Meg, honey, the homemade look is a little tired.  Let's hand this over to the professionals now."}

Until then, I'm going strong.  

I saw a wedding invitation on someone's fridge the other day and it said, "Eat, Drink, & Get Married."  I'm usually not into what I call cutesy sayings, but I went with this one.  My friend loves color and lots of them, so I went with different bold colors that I thought complimented each other nicely.

Then, I got the joy and high that comes with mailing a huge stack of mail.  And not just ordinary mail, but fun, green colored envelopes.  The high from mailing those few invitations has sent me into a high of writing and mailing thank you notes.  Because that's how mail rolls.  


  1. I think your invitations are wonderful, hand created with love.
    but really, the Kate Middleton?

  2. Awesome invites. I'm with you on the stationery high. Everything's better when you write and send a letter--and so much more so with a bazillion invitations. Love it!


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