Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week's Menu

During one of our phone conversations last week, I told John that I was going to try out something new and different for dinner this week and I'm not sure he was going to like it: falafals.  But, I'm sweetening the deal by serving fries on the side.  He said that he was cool with it and it will be ok and he would try and eat anything that I make.  He really does, too.  ...even when I make something I know he doesn't like.  ...even when I try something new and it's a bust.  ...even if it has onions in it.  He'll try it and eat it.  And if it's not good, then he helps scoop my confidence off the floor and gently hands it back to me.  "I love that you try new things.  Don't ever stop trying new recipes."  Words that this good girl needs to hear when the food isn't good.

falafel ingredients in cuisinart

Beef stroganoff, lima beans
5 bean chili
Falafals, fries
Singapore chicken salad

picture from here, but recipe in my own

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  1. I love hearing what you are going to make...because it just sounds so good. It's hard to prepare healthy meals that aren't the same thing all the time. Do share what your favorite was. I've linked you up on my blog with a game to learn a little bit more about folks. If you'd like to play along, stop by.