Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coffee At Jenny's

"I just potted some colorful plants on my porch.  Ready for a coffee date!"
-read a text message that I got from my friend Jenny a few weeks ago.  

And just like that Monday-Funday made an appearance again in my life.  I outsourced the kids to their grandparents' house and went to Jenny's porch for coffee.  We used to get coffee semi-regularly on Mondays, but that faded out.  We both use Mondays as get-stuff-done days, and squeezing in a coffee date can get challenging.  Except for the summer.  In the summer, we are both extremely dedicated to Monday-Fundays.  Because we meet a bunch of friends at the pool.  And tan.  And lounge.  There is always time for that.  Other friends have joined in and somehow we all gravitate towards Deb's pool on Mondays.  And I've even heard a rumor that one friend is going to start taking Mondays off this summer with all of her extra vacation time.  {Wink, wink, Keri!}

Pools and lounging are great, but I'll be honest: I love a good girl coffee date with a friend.  Especially, Jenny.  Where I am simple and classic, she is colorful and vogue.  She turns cute into a verb.  She totally cute-d the coffee date and set out a turquoise set for our cream and sugar.  

To set out that cute little set for just the two of us makes our coffee taste better.  I think I tipped up my shoulder and said, "oh, this is so cute.  Love the color!"  To which she replied with an excited, "just a little somethin-somethin' I picked up in Europe."  Isn't so fun to use a line like that.  Not in an arrogant way, but in a fun I-know-this-is-cool kinda way.  We can all do.  Read those "made in ______" labels in your clothes and drop it conversations.  "Oh, just a little somethin'-somethin' from Taiwan."  

Ok, now that we all know ways to hint to world travel without actually travelling the world, I'll get back to coffee at Jenny's. 

Now, I could take this deep and talk about our conversations.  We have only known each other for a few years, but we are really close and know a lot of each other's stories.  We can go deep quickly or keep it surface-y, whichever we want.  And I know that everyone has a friend or friends like that and it's all great.  

But, what's extra special about hanging out with Jenny is her flair.  She loves color and pattern and fun pillows and cute things.  She didn't even mind that I brought my camera to take pictures of her house, because she gets it.  She not only likes pretty things, she understands that taking pictures of pretty things is cool too.    

The coffee and talk were great as well, but come-on, what girl doesn't like coffee and talk?  I just loved these pictures and wanted to share them.  Whenever I see what Jenny's wearing or am at her apartment, it always makes me want to maker bolder choices.  

Pattern and colors and designs are so much fun and looks so cute.  I need help remembering that.  Jenny's place does just that: reminds me to break out of my solid-colored rut and put the fun back in Monday-Funday.


  1. I miss coffee dates! Since moving 2 years ago I've lost all my close friends! I need a Girly coffee date lol!! x

  2. If there was a "Like" button for your blog posts I would be clicking it a lot! Fun photos of Jenny's. Oops, and Andrews!