Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Eve

It's about 10 minutes until the weekend begins.  How do I know this?
John just called.  He's on his way home from work.  And even though nothing changes much for me, the weekend has a different air about it.  We slow down and gear up at the same time.  We slow down and take longer at meals.  We take longer getting up in the morning.  We have some kind of little family adventure.  We try not to get overwhelmed when we don't get nearly enough done as we wanted to.  

Whatever your weekend includes, I hope that one or all or none of these things gets done:

...may I finally figure out how to do the cute, messy braid that doesn't turn into crazy mom look within a few short hours.
...may we get very far on our home project, and closer to being ready to reclaim our living room and dining room as workable rooms.
...may I plant or pot those plants that a dear friend set aside for me.
...may I take the time to enjoy it.  Savoring in the process or growing and tending, being careful not to treat it as something that I need to do.  More, something I get to do.
...may I get one morning to drink a cup of slowly.  By myself.  And wake up slowly.
...may I take the time to read.  A book.  Made with pages, not on a screen.
...may we have an adventure.  A simple, easy adventure that happens at the last minute.
...may I remember that weekends are short, and planning everything can take the fun out of life.


  1. These weekends sure are short. I always have high hopes and in the end am glad to accomplish just one thing.

  2. meg-

    this little piece of prose profoundly slowed my weekend.

    thank you.

    i shared a link to your post at my "smile file" series this week...


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