Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Birthday Party Weekend

The theme from this past weekend was Birthday Parties.  We had four celebrations go down in two days and it was epic.  We had Burl's party, brothers/sister goings on for Joseph's 30th, James' (Burl's little buddy) party, and Joseph's family party.  It.was.big. Here's how we partied for Burl:

Burl told me he wanted a red firefighter party.  Everyone teased me because red and I don't get along, but we set aside our differences for the sake of Burlito.  Look at me in that red sweater, Mama dresses for the occasion.  Basically, we had some snacks, cake, and a couple of firefighter games for a few of his friends.  With the kids, parents, and family, we might have had 40 people here.  Ya know, just a small little shindig.  

The first of the two games was an obstacle course.  Everyone but Burl got the concept (we may have had a little meltdown with him) right away.  Eventually he got it.  Here's how it went: drive Burl's firetruck (aka red tractor) down the sidewalk, get off and put on a firefighter hat, step through the ladder (with the help of my niece), climb an upright ladder, rescue Curious George, and come back down.  The kids did great!

Next up, we had Pretend that cardboard house is on fire and we have to put it out but we aren't using a hose, we're using hard to pop water balloons game.  It was a hit, no pun intended.  People got wet.  Fun was had.  It was great.

These were the last three boys standing.  They were fighting over the un-popped balloons, getting wet in the process.  Muy exciting.

Next up, we went in for some food.  I made several little sandwiches, bought some goldfish, served juice, and they ate it up.  I wasn't in there the whole time, but apparently it was quiet because they were enjoying their food.  Play hard, eat hard.  

Look at that firefighter cake.  I didn't make it, but I ordered it.  These little scenes on top of cakes things is awesome and tacky to me-two things that go well together, like wine and cheese.  Also, it really provides for toddler hype.  This boy was excited about his cake!

We paused for a brief family picture.  

Before I go any further, I would like to say a little note about hosting kids birthday parties.  I have seen a handful of crazy moms out there who yell, direct, and control their way through their kids parties and basically it's awkward and weird and fun is not had.  I don't want to be that way.  Right before the party started I was tying up a few loose ends and apparently I was anything but laid back.  John had a talk with me about how the house looks great and I don't have to be stressed and yadiyadiyada.  Good stuff to say to me, but I was being weird.  He took the kids to play in Burl's room.  I stopped what I was doing, left a few imperfections out for everyone to see, poured a cup of coffee and joined them.  {Hint: my new thing is leave a few imperfections before a party starts to help me let go of my grip on perfection.  Dishes in the sink, partly dead flower, it's how I roll these days.} I met John and he talked to me some more, and I apologized for the past 20 minutes.  Then, the party arrived.  I didn't feel frantic during the party.  I felt excited.  When Burl had his little meltdown, I wasn't thrown too off course.  Things don't go perfectly, especially with toddlers.  

Thank goodness I let go of cleanliness and perfection, because my brothers started a mini food fight with Burl, based off of Hook, to which they love to expose Burl. Bangarang

One of my highlights of the party, was having Lauren and her family join us.  I've mentioned Lauren before, and it's no secret that we're pretty close.  Like sisters.  Having her there felt like my family was complete.  She lingered after everyone left and we took some time to take pictures.

I like to call the above picture, Best Friends, Like Sisters, Future In-laws.  Our kids' marriages have already been arranged.  It's a no brainer. 

We closed the weekend with a trip to Joseph's restaurant of choice.  It was one of those restaurants where they cook the food in front of you.  Fire? Definitely.  I think it was a great ending to the firefighter birthday weekend.  

Happy Birthday to Burl, James, and especially to my younger brother Joseph.
Joseph, I hope 30s treat you well!


  1. like dat green jacket gurllll!!!!!

    1. ohmygoodness...puffy jackets are the bees knees. like wearing a blanket!

  2. What a wonderful birthday weekend! And seeing the last picture makes me super hungry for some fried rice with the sauce that I SWEAR has crack in it. YUM!!!

    1. Ha! Joseph said several times, "why didn't I order double rice!?!"