Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Week's Menu

Every Sunday night, I post my menu for the week.  It helps me link my recipes, remember what the plan is, and serves as a record of things we've eaten in the past.  It's great.  Sometimes I add a little thought about food.  

Here's my thought for this week: John was right when he quoted Michael Pollan to me.  We have no idea what we're suppose to be eating.  While low meat is the diet of those who live in blue zones, the low carb diet (high on meat) is what really made me feel great.  This weekend, we watched a cooking show on public TV where they made a simple tomato caper sauce over spaghetti.  They taught me things like how to finish cooking the noodles in the tomato sauce and not to cook tomatoes too long so not to turn them into paste.  We went out and got the stuff and made it that night.  It was the best pasta I've ever made.  It was incredible.  I almost felt guilty for it because it's all high carb and might spike my blood sugar and stuff like that.  Then, I got over it.  I didn't stuff myself.  I enjoyed it and so did everyone at the table.  We talked about it the next day.  It was that good.  So, as with everything in life, I'm learning what healthy looks like for our house, and I have no idea what that is.  

Here's what I'm serving this week:

Red beans and rice, somewhere between complicated and simple
Burl's birthday request: "Orange soup" (aka, Mulligatawny), strawberry cake
BLT salad
Ham and pea pasta
Veggie night: leftover potatoes, roasted beets, limas, broccoli


  1. Happy Birthday week to Burl! I still remember when I found out he had arrived. John and I were going to a movie (as friends - in celebration of his birthday) and he got a text while we were sitting waiting for the movie to start. I'll never forget his bday! :)

    I hope you all have a great week!

    1. Oh thanks! That's a fun memory!!! Thanks for sharing. Joseph said Saturday night was fun, "Whitney is hilarious!" Hope 30 doesn't hurt too bad for John.

  2. It's fascinating to me that low-meat, high carb made you feel better.

    And Burl is in good company--this week is my youngest daughter's birthday on Wednesday and mine is Friday (she was a great 30th birthday present!)

    1. I meant to communicate that low carb did well for me, when I did it in August and November. In January it was harder. I gave up once the stomach bug hit, and meat was just getting too much for me. I'm hoping to find a good balance. I think the key is a focus on Fruits and veggies!

      Yay for a fun week! Burl shares a birthday with my cousin and my brother's is this week too. Big celebrations all around!