Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Burl's 3rd Birthday

Burl turned three yesterday.  It seems like such a big deal.  He can do "three" with his fingers, he can play with a lot more toys, he can't get as many places for free, and he's awesome.  I feel like all the good moms cry and bemoan their child growing on each birthday, while pairing those emotions with deep sentimental thoughts about their child's past, present, future.  Well, I don't have any of those.  I felt like I was suppose to cry all day, but I didn't.  All I did was celebrate and try to make everything super exciting.  

Here's the rundown:

1. We started his birthday at 7 am.  He walked into the kitchen where he saw streamers, a big present, cake and balloons.  He asked, "is this my party? Are my cousins at my house?" I explained that his party day was on Saturday, to which he replied, "then what's all this about, Mama?" Because, Buddy, we do birthdays right in this house.  He got a piece of cake and opened his one present: A Firetruck.  That boy played with it  John and I were so excited to give him that. 

2. Our friends got us in the aquarium for free.  (We were going to go to Bible study and take cake for the kids in the nursery, but Fern had a fever the day before and we couldn't put her in the nursery.)

3. We ate with my dad at his school, where Burl got a $2 bucket and shovel.  That's been the only other toy that Burl has played with since getting his firetruck.

4. We went by my brother's work to say hi just as a firetruck was leaving a call.  They gave Burl rowdy waves and lots of honks from the big red firetruck.

5. After naps, we played at home, until dinner.  We ate in the dining room with a red tablecloth, candles, strawberries, and "orange soup," per Burl's request.  Then, more cake with candles.  It felt grand.

John took Fern to get a bath while I stayed with Burl as he enjoyed his cake and talked to me.  He asked me to sit beside him.  I thought that this was it, this is when I'm going to cry, but I never did.  I just looked at him and thought about how cute he is and how I still can't believe he's our child.  It's such a fun thing to get to be a mom, especially to Burl!


  1. This is sweet. I didn't cry at 3 either, kinda felt guilty for it. But 4 hit me like a ton of bricks. I love reading about your family and Tom (is that your dad?) cracks me up!

    1. Ha! Yes, Tom is my dad. We cry a lot. :)

  2. So sweet. Happy Birthday, Burl!!

    Have you ever watched The Christy series? It was on TV in the 90s. I had watched the DVDs with my girls a few years ago and we just started watching them again. It's a great series and there is a little boy named Burl in it!!

    1. I haven't seen it, but I googled it. I can't find a picture or reference to him. Oh well. Love hearing about other "burls" though!

  3. How nice to see a family celebrating simply. No, hundred and one toys to overwhelm. That last photo is priceless. Fern's expression is just too hilarious . And it is fun to be a mom, even when your child is going to be 25 next month.
    blessings, jill

    1. Thanks for the compliment (and for noticing how we celebrate). Hype wins over gifts every time, right?

      We said the same thing about Fern! That one hand in the mouth and one on the tray. So cute! Thanks.


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