Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Fun To Be Here

There are so many great things that have already happened today that I'm having a hard time bringing it together as one post.  I'm going to declare this day a joy-average, laid-back, make-me-happy, barefoot-kind-of-day.  We've moved slowly, simply, enjoying the day as it evolves.  I'm giving all the credit and thanks to sunshine.  Thank you, sunshine, you right all my wrongs.

Today, we're preparing for Burl's party day tomorrow.  We're having a "red firefighter" party per Burl's request.  I'm not big on themed everything when it comes to parties, which is nice because that stuff is expensive.  Instead, I'm decorating with $5 worth of red balloons and streamers.  I've learned that I can do a lot with streamers.  I'm also taking care of those little clutter piles that take up residence when they're not welcome.  I think it's called "dressing up the house for the party." I like doing that.

The kids played around me and by my feet as I worked.  I loved it.  It's just great.  I haven't figured out why that feels so good, but I know it fills some part of me to the point of overflowing smiles and energy.  

During breakfast this morning, Burl looked up at the streamers and back at his food.  Very matter-of-fact he said, "It's fun being here, Mama."  Talk about overflowing smiles.  My heart did four leg kicks and one rowdy "go team," because I want that.  I'm having fun and it makes me happy to hear that Burl is as well.  A counselor once told me that we should make our homes fun and welcoming and nurturing and all that good stuff for our kids, because we want them to always feel welcome at home and welcome to bring their friends here.  When they grow up, we want them to come back, knowing (or more importantly, feeling) it's an open door policy.  I hear ya, Mark the counselor, I so hear ya.

The kids had a hearty time of playing this morning.  Fern was busy doing her thing, which is fascinating to me.  I would love to get in her mind and see those wheels turning.  Burl, he'll tell me what he's doing.  Today he built his own house with pillows and a window.  

I would be lying if I didn't mention Curious George.  Burl may or may not know how to hit the big button on the remote to start another episode.  I love and hate this.  Something about the picture above is too cute to me.  

Eventually, I decided to create more hype for tomorrow.  Since Fern asked for her jacket and shoes and brought my jacket to me and waited for me to put it on, I took that as a sign that she wants to go somewhere.  A trip to the fire station was a no-brainer.  Duh.  We randomly stop by fire stations for a visit.  We just pop in and ask if we can look around, and we always get a friendly tour.  Sometimes we luck out and get an eager, excited fireman that seems to get what a big deal this is for the kids.  Today was one of those days.  Hype was served.

We headed back home and I asked Burl what he wanted to do.  He said, "eat." I liked that plan, and raised him a picnic.  Happy people, all around.  Two quick PB sandwiches later and we were outside soaking up sunshine and happiness.  

While we out there, Burl dropped another epic line, "Mama, it's fun to relax. I get on my tummy, see?"  With a line like that, it's fair to say that I am one happy Mama and this Friday is a good indicator of the weekend.  

There it is.  My happy meter is going off like crazy.  Bells, whistles, and all the good stuff.  I can't wait for this weekend, but I'm not rushing this Friday.  It's just too good.  Happy sunshine to everyone out there!!!  Fist bumps, booty shakes, and toe touches to each of you!


  1. Happy birthday to sweet Burl! I wish I were there to enjoy the family fun. Your day with the kids sounded rich and rewarding. You are such a good mama and I love that you take time for them!
    Kathy, Greensboro, NC

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It was a great day with them, and I so needed it. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words.