Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Typical Day

Here is an account of what a typical weekday looks like for me.  I took a day from last week, snapped pictures, and made a mental note of how our day functions.  While I love big, grand adventures, I really like the simple rhythm of life with Burl & Fern.  While I've always been an on-the-go person, having napping children has made me stay at home for most of my day and I've grown to love it.  With most of our day at home sprinkled with the occasional excursion, I hope to always remember what it looks like.  It's simple, probably the simplest my life will always be.  Every day is different, but at the same time, every day pretty much has the same rhythm.  

7:00. We've trained Burl to stay in his room until this time, which has been such a good thing for everyone.  Around this time, John's leaving for work, Burl's coming out of his room, and I'm jumping in the shower.  The order of how that all plays out is different each day, but one thing is always constant: Curious George.

This is the part of my day that I wish that I could hide.  If you want to feel better about your mom skills in comparison to mine, this is where to do it.  Until Fern wakes up, Burl and I kind of mope around the house.  Burl tears up the den, watches George, and drinks milk while I take a shower and get dressed, make my bed, drink coffee, and read my daily email from John.  

This morning, Burl was complaining about being hungry, so I made him his breakfast.  Usually we wait until Fern is awake, but today he ate on his own.  

About half the time, I sit down and have a little time to read and write in my journal.  {Someone I really admire recently gave me Jesus Calling.  Even though I'm very skeptical when it comes to daily devotions, I've found this one to be great.  It's been a refreshing gift to start my days.}  This is not a quiet, simple time, because I'm sitting at the little table in the den.  Usually, I'm partly doing this and partly watching Burl fly off the couch, talking about George, or making monster faces with Burl. 

9:30 Fern is a late riser, and that's fine by me.  We don't need to be anywhere, so she can take her time waking up, usually in the ballpark of 9:30/10. .  Sister likes her sleep, just like her mama.  Burl and I go in her room and the routine is always the same: we walk in with soft morning greetings, she spots us, and she points to different things in her room.  Usually her dress painting, her owl, and her lamb.  Sweetness.

She's ready for breakfast right away.  After a 14-16 hour fast, I imagine so.  Breakfast is her big meal and she eats more than Burl usually.  Like they say, eat breakfast like a king.

10:00 After lunch, I go straight into dress them and clean up breakfast mode.  We are ready for the day by 10:30, when most people have already solved the world's problems.  Slow moving is the name of our game.

Sometimes we dash off, sometimes we just play.  This day, we did both.  I let them play for a little bit, then we were off.  This particular day we ran two errands, one of them was a stop at Earthfare, which Burl calls The Red Store.  We went there one time and they have little buggies for toddlers, so naturally this is where he asks to go.  I indulged him this day.  

We hit a milestone while we were there.  All three of us walked in the store holding hands.  I didn't carry Fern.  It was snowing.  It took twice as long.  I giggled the whole time.  It was a borderline out-of-body experience for me, because my reality sink in a little deeper.  These are my babies.  I get to stay home with them.  Every.day.  A dream come true.

12:30 We came back home for lunch.  These days, I keep it simple.  Salad for me, PB sandwich and fruit for them.  My little meal times with them are so special.  We munch, we talk, the kids laugh at each other, and it's usually blissful.  Usually.

After lunch, It's nap time for both of them.  They sleep 2-4 hours.  During that time, I try to do things that are relaxing.  I don't do chores unless I have to.  Call me selfish, but that's how I roll.  I can be found sitting at my computer, on our bed reading, napping or looking at pictures of the kids on my phone, or texting John.  Pretty much any or all of the above.  

4:30 It's about this time that the kids woke-up.  This day was unusual because John climbed after work, and he's usually home no later than 5.  This day, our neighbors came over to play while us moms talked/played.  It was nice to have a change in pace.  Usually, John's home and I go for a run, make dinner, the kids play, John and I talk, and we basically chill out as a family.  A little change is good.

6:30 John was home by this point, I had dinner ready, and we sat down together.Dinner is pretty easy for the most part.  Fern doesn't each much for dinner, Burl chows down.  We enjoy our food.  Eventually, we call it quits and sweep everyone off to baths.  Then jammies.  Then snuggles and play.  

7:30 The kids are very cute at this point.  Fern is sleepy-wild, which is adorable.  We play with her, then put her to bed by 8 at the latest.  Sometimes John likes to have what he calls Baby Einstein Snuggle Time, the title says it all.  After she goes to bed, we clean up with Burl.  We try to clean up everything each day, which really keeps the sanity within reach for everyone.  We watch one more George before he goes to bed, which really means it's on while he plays.

8:30 Burl goes to bed.  We keep the bedtime routine short and sweet.  Lay down. Kisses. Cover them up.  Sometimes there's more to it, but mostly we keep it short and sweet, advice I picked up from a friend before I was even married.  

John and I chill out at this point.  Sometimes he works.  Sometimes we computer.  Sometimes friends come over.  Sometimes we watch something.  Sometimes we read.  Sometimes we just talk.  Sometimes I go climb.  Sometimes we watch Survivor.  Each night is different.

This is it.  There is nothing special or grand about our days, except that they are an absolute dream come true for me.  They feel magical and surreal most of the time.  While I feel friction and frustration when trying to get out the door, most days I feel blessed and fortunate to call this my life.
It's a perfect kind of simple.

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