Monday, April 22, 2013

This Week's Menu

I bought a jar of strawberry jelly from the store.  High fructose and all.  It was a treat for Burl, and he flipped out when I showed it to him.  We're on the fourth day of it being here and we've gone through over half of it.  Have mercy, we like us some treats.  Something about that little jar of jelly and the excitement that it's brought to us is staying in my mind.  It's part pride that all it takes is strawberry jelly to make Burl feel like dessert time has hit, and it's part sadness that sugar is what brings joy and excitement to our meal times.  That place in the middle is where I'm stuck with my view towards food.  Any good perspective is welcome.  

Here's what I'm cooking this week: 

Stewed black beans & tri-colored peppers, brown rice, mexican street corn
Pan fried chicken with mushroom shallot sauce, asparagus
Veggie night: cooked cabbage, mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans, cheese, fruit
Cream of tomato soup, blue cheese & bacon lettuce wedges 


  1. Call me...or text. We can chat about food issues. Love your sweet heart.

  2. I don't know... God made some things all sweet and yummy and other things fatty and sturdy (uh, talking food here). I think it's good to enjoy the delicious strawberry jam without feeling bad about it. I've thought a lot about dietary choices and decided I'd rather have Liv remember us enjoying ice cream cones together than a mom who obsessed about how horrible dessert was for her diet. Not saying that's your thought process, of course. But this life is a good one and I'm glad for the sweet moments in it--even the ones involving HFCS.