Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just A Family Hike

It was a good idea to discuss how we should spend our staycation time.  After spending the first half of the week at the beach, we're back home to enjoy some downtime as a family.  John and I had a little pow-wow about how we should spend our time these few days.  We came up with some ideas: we can't spend too much time working on projects; we should go on a hike; we should go to the kids' museum.  I think those are the only concrete rules, but they seemed to set the tone for the days that we have together.  We're all slow-mornings (parents style, not college style) and tickle fights and lounging and stopping for treats.  Today we went for a hike, and it was good fun.

Boy throwing rocks: One of my favorite pictures of him!  

We took a short little hike to Rainbow Lake, where the kids got to play in sand, rocks, and water.  It's the beach all over again, mountain version. Burl hiked the whole way but only barely. We saw several streams, climbed over fallen trees, were memorized by a man-made waterfall, threw rocks, played on the bridge, and got dirty.  When I asked Burl if this was a good adventure, he let out a deep "yeah!" 

A family hike is pretty common in these parts.  Our city has so much to offer when it comes to short little walks in the woods, and I'm glad that it made it on our staycation list.  


  1. woah, that picture of Fern by herself-- saw a glimpse of her as an older girl! beautiful! love her chub rolls! wish they were as cute on me

    1. Daniel laughs when I hold her. He said that we could not look more opposite.