Monday, April 22, 2013

One Last Hurrah & A Recap

We needed one last family hurrah, so we hit up the playground after dinner last night.  It was all part of my Don't Let Your Monday Ruin Your Sunday plan, because I was so sad about our vacation coming to an end.  John gets two weeks off per year, and we just used one of them.  

The first four days we spent at the beach, and the rest of the time we stayed home for a staycation.  I used to think staycations were the saddest sounding events.  It's all, let's take a break from real life and have an adventure but not go anywhere.  That was until I had my own.

We tried to be conscience of two things and I think that was the key to a successful time off.  First, we tried not to cram too much stuff in.  We planned one or two exciting things to do each day, and that was it.  We still have a little girl who sleeps late and two babies who like long afternoon naps, so we kept expectations low.  Second, we planned what to do ahead of time.  This way, we weren't waiting all day to figure out what to do, then wait for each other to get on the same page.  John and I planned our events around the weather, we had the same plan in mind, and we stayed chill all the other times.  

I think that I might be the queen of ruining family vacations.  {Ruining sounds strong-think more along the lines of tainting.}  I take my own expectations and plans, keep them to myself, then get frustrated when no one does what I think they should be doing.  This year was different because we talked about everything.  My only goals for the beach were sitting in sand, playing with our babies, and enjoying beach evenings on the deck with John after the kids went to bed.  {RIP 12-14 hour days of lounging, reading, and snacking by the ocean.}  Unfortunately, that dang stomach bug tainted everything, but it's just how it goes.  My goals for our staycation were to mentally relax from the need to keep things orderly, make memories with my family of four, and for us not to focus on getting things/projects/goals accomplished.  This time was for play, and play we were able to do.  

With everything that happened, I will swear up and down that this was one of the most relaxing vacations that I've had in a while.  A big part of me was reminded of how to play with my children.  Wrestle match mid-morning? Longer reading sessions? Chase at the playground? Lingering conversations with Burl? Learning new words with Fern? Yes, please, don't mind if I do.  

John and I are still trading secrets on how to play with them.  This conversation happened this week...

Me: So how do you play firetruck rescue with Burl?
John: I don't really no.  I just let Burl do it.

We don't really know how to play or what to do.  We just have to be present and follow their lead.  This past week, a bigger part of me learned that.  I re-learned how to play and be present, and that has helped me to deeper relax into my role as their mom and as John's wife.  


  1. Such a beautiful family!

    I used to think staycations were pretty lame, too. But then we were in the midst of home renovations and didn't want to spend money on going anywhere...and it was just really, really nice having my husband home. We tried a few local restaurants and did park days and stuff and it was actually more relaxing in ways than a vacation where we feel like "We are only here for a week, let's see and do everything we can!"

    1. Yes! My thoughts exactly!

      And thank you for your compliment!