Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Happy Birthday Boy.

Burl's 4th birthday party fit him perfectly. We had been throwing around ideas for months. From an exact replica of his party last year to camping to ninja to the final result: pirate party. I told him about all the games that we could play and all the fun we could have with each choice, and he choose something that he doesn't even play. 

To be honest, this boy would be happy with any theme. He just needs the basic ingredients: cake, loads of people, and some fun things to do.

I will make no apology for my efforts for this party. It took planning and execution. It was work. It wasn't expensive, but it took time. I like it like that. I like throwing parties for my kids. For Fern, our little introvert, I have to tone things down, but for Burl, the bigger the better. I love throwing parties and having fun and giving Burl some good memories.

He was so very happy the whole day, and it was so very worth it. His party was my favorite present that we gave to him. Tomorrow, I'm going to do a full post on his pirate party. If you need ideas for a cheap and fun party, then it might be helpful. However, for this post, I just want to remember the good, rowdy time that he had. He really enjoyed himself, and that was a joy to watch.

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