Thursday, March 6, 2014

Burl's 4th Birthday

I'm the broken mom that doesn't cry or wonder where the time went when my children celebrate a birthday. I love watching them grow and become the person that they were made to be. I cherish the memories that we've made, and the past years seem full of wonderful adventures. I look forward to bigger, different adventures in the future. Above all, I love the right now. 

Burl turned four yesterday, so John took the day off and we had us a rip-roaring good time celebrating together as a family. It was a great day. With a mixture of solid plans and open time to fill, we celebrated by playing with our children almost the entire day. Here's a rundown of the day:

-night before: crepe paper and balloon the house, set out toys
-wait for Burl to wake up. Give him his presents
-breakfast of champions, including John's homemade biscuits and cupcakes
-surprise trip to a trampoline park
-back home for play/mac and cheese/naps
-more outside play and bicycle practice
-uncle visits with presents
-teach kids to burn stuff with a magnifying glass
-bonfire dinner per Burl's request. more cupcakes
-baths and a little bit more playtime. 

Or, in better form, here is the day in pictures, loads and loads of pictures:

We had a great day, and we are so proud of our son, Burl. He acts just like me, and looks just like his daddy. He likes hardwork, fighting, and taking care of his baby bears. He loves adventure, going to his friends' houses, and having people over to his own house. He enjoys school and misses his sister when she's not around. Four is going to be a good year with him.


  1. I had a dream about him and his bike! I hope it was a great day. It's funny, I never was nostalgic for baby stuff either...until they hit 4/5. You know, the point where I did not have a baby anymore. He's a super cute kid and you are going to love having a 4 year old. They are so excited about everything. The best year of little kid life is when your second kid turns 4 and can swim. Then life is grand. Happiest of years to Burl.

  2. I love the crepe papering the house! What a great idea! Happy Birthday, Burl!