Friday, March 7, 2014


Here is a phone dump of all my Instagram pictures from the past couple of weeks. Warmer weather is on the prowl, and we are all ready for some spring time adventures!

Our caving adventure, post coming next week.

Fern just loves to sit and write. She has her notebooks and pencils, and she loves some company during her writing sessions. 

John's the household hero. He makes homemade biscuits, calls Fern "Miss Ferny," and fights with Burl almost every night. We all breathe easy when he's home with us.

On a recent trip to Home Depot, Burl tested out the mallets against their concrete floor. Then, he grabbed two and went at it, Thor style.

To the tippy top times five.

I watched the Oscars with Jenny, which is like our anniversary. My neighbor made me go with her to her hairdresser's house for an Oscar party. A few dinners and Bible studies together later, and Jenny and I became fast friends and I'm so excited she's moved one street over.

Our counter becomes a table we there are just three of us.

All Burl asked for was another teddy bear just like the one he has and loves. Pops gave that to him and he was overjoyed. He still favors his original teddy, but we've got a whole gang of teddies. We won't let him have a "real teddy that walks and wrestles with him and sleeps in his bottom bunk," so this is the next best thing.

Our family of four had an absolute blast together on Burl's birthday. It was a fun day!

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