Monday, March 17, 2014

Camp Melissa's Beach Trip

It was a mama-kid beach trip, but I called it Camp Melissa. The kids and I went to Grayton Beach last week with my friend, Melissa, and her son, Craig. We stayed at an old beach house that Melissa and her family have been going to since she was "in the womb." For her it was easy and nostalgic, but for me it was amazing. It was this beach vacation meets summer camp thing, and Melissa was definitely camp director. She wasn't the bossy or mean camp counselor, but the cool one that everyone wants as their counselor. She knew all the tricks-all the good places-all the fun things to do. I was constantly amazed and said on a regular basis, "Camp Melissa does not disappoint." 

Two ladies commented on our situation by reminiscing, "remember when all we did was take shovels and buckets to the beach and they played all day." Those are our kind of beach days and how fun it is to watch them play so much!

Highlights included:
bike rides to the beach (moms schlepping everything else, giving the college spring breakers something to gawk at-gawk they did)
outdoor shower
dinners on the screened in porch
playgrounds & food trucks in Seaside
Melissa's cheese & fruit plates
semi-warm weather and lots of sunshine
one heck of a fun ending.


Once again, Camp Melissa did not disappoint. Right before we left, we got a truck ride to and on the beach. We never went over 20 mph, so the kids were terrified and thrilled. I just loved my broomstick flying hair in the wind. 

Driving away from the beach is never easy, as it is one of my favorite places to be. While we made fun memories and got sun on our faces, we are already talking about returning. Another mom trip, family trip, or girls trip, we desperately want to get our beach on again! 

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