Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Raccoon Mountain Caving

Our recent caving trip was inspired by the two things that most of our adventures draw their inspiration: my need to find out of the box ways to play with the kids and a favorite Curious George episode.

I took the kids to check out the Raccoon Mountain Taverns area, which I had frequented on field trips as a child. I wasn't planning on caving, but once we got there and realized that was about all there was to do-I just couldn't NOT go, now could I? It was the slow season, so the kids and I had the tour guide and the cave all to ourselves.

We saw a small bat, an enormous amount of salamanders (Fern's favorite part), and cool cave formations. The kids were so sweet to each other-Burl taking care of Fern, Fern staying close to Burl. They weren't scared at all-just cautious (because it was very slippery), interested, and very attentive to this cool cave. Obviously, this was a way cool idea and fun way to spend a normal day. The $14 seemed expensive at the time, but once we were in there, I knew that it was money well spent. The cave gave the kids and me so much wonder.

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