Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool Colors

The beach has The. Best. Colors.  Agree?  Oh my gosh, I just look everywhere and think that I have to paint a room that color.  If you've seen my house, then you know that I've done that.  Down to the color of sand.  

With our new camera, I LOVE how wonderful my pictures are.  Here you go the best of the best:

Here is the new normal.  I never thought that I would know the day where I would love cloudy days and a good umbrella.  But, it was all worth it to introduce Burl to my favorite place, the beach.


  1. I love the snuggly Burl...that's so sweet. Glad y'all had a good time (no sign of oil?).

  2. You look radiantly beautiful in these pics.
    I'm serious.

    It's clear the beach is your favorite place. It's written all over your face.


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