Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My brother, Joseph, comes home next week.  He's been teaching overseas for the past year and hasn't met Burl yet.  I can't wait to introduce the two!!!

Joseph is a lot like me different than me.  He takes risks and has fun wherever he goes.  These are things that he has done that I won't:

buy a motorcycle
sing karaoke
move to another country for a year
sky dive
rock climb for HOURS
leave his bed unmade 
win races-and set course records

I'm sure that I've missed a few things.  I promise, he'll add to the list and they will make me laugh out loud.

Funny story (get a snack, I'm getting long-winded): For some reason, we were given two tickets to a hockey game in Atlanta.  I was 18 and he was 16.  We went down there in my car and got lost in downtown Atlanta.  As we were driving around looking for the arena, we got a flat and had to pull over in the darkest, sketchiest abandoned lot.  Neither of us knew what to do.  We called home and realized that we needed to put on the spare, then go buy a new tire to take us home.  While on the phone, working all this out, an old truck pulls up behind us and out steps a what-might-as-well-been-a serial killer.  He walks up to my brother's side and taps on the window and we panic.  With the doors locked, we roll down the window a good two inches and tell the man our dilemma.  He told us to the pop the trunk so he could get to the spare.  He changed our tire while we stayed in the car.  Hand on the phone ready to dial 911.  Doors locked.  Windows foggy from our heat on that cold and rainy night.  We were not stepping out of that car.  No way.  He sent us on our way with directions to a gas station for a new tire and I remember watching and making sure that he didn't follow us.  We got to the gas station and I remember buying my first pack of cigarettes and we smoked one.  We didn't know what we were doing, but I remember sitting by the tanks smoking them and flicking them on the ground.  By the tanks.  At the gas station.  Real smooth.

Can't wait for Broseph.  Danimal, your post is next.


  1. this is hilarious! i have never heard this story. i was going to ask if that was your first cigarette, but i think the first one was probably with me. haha.

    nice job smoking next to the tanks. do you know that until i started dating ryan, i never knew you were supposed to turn your car off when you were putting gas in it? it seemed so silly. how are you supposed to stay warm while pumping gas in the winter w/o sitting in the car with the heat on? looking forward daniel's story!

  2. Just found your blog. This story is Hysterical! Thanks for making my day. By the way-your kids are Adorable.

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