Monday, August 23, 2010

Slowing to Savor

Slowing to Savor...a phrase that I heard at church yesterday and I love it.  I'll be working it into all my conversations for the next few weeks.

What was one of the things that I heard so much before I had Burl "it goes so fast"-and I didn't understand until Burl was here.  Now that he's here, I understand that life is happening at an accelerated speed.

Burl, slow down.  I'm not getting all of this.  You've gone from Newborn to Baby in the past few weeks.  You were just holding your head up and looking up during tummy time and making eye contact.

Now, you are:

rolling over
blowing bubbles
eating anything I give you
putting everything in your mouth
reaching AND grabbing
responding to smiles
looking for us
watching us
sitting up with one hand (!!!)
spinning around
looking towards the door when we get your from your nap

You are so aware and so alert and it's so cool to watch.

Last week, I found you in your crib.  You had grabbed the pillow and pulled it to your face and were holding it above you pulling it to and from your mouth...and your feet were propped up.

...And then you saw me taking pictures and you cheesed it up for the camera.  That a boy, Buddy.


  1. already bench pressing the pillow. he'll be ready for barbells soon!

  2. Hi! Not really sure how I found your blog, but I enjoyed this post! "Slowing to savor" was something I needed to read!!