Sunday, August 8, 2010


One of the best things about vacation is the anticipation that comes with it.  I have a beach trip coming up and I'm getting so excited.  John, Burl, and I are going to be together for 5 days in a condo ON THE BEACH.  

The beach is amazing to me.  I can't wait.

I would rather go to the beach than anywhere else.  I found these pictures on a blog from Italy.  She vacationed in Tuscany:

What is this, the set for Lord of the Rings?

Looks great, but I'm really looking forward to this:
  Props for beach pic here.


  1. Doug always laughs at me 'cause I'd rather have a vacation at the end of the summer rather than the beginning because of just that: the anticipation. There'd be nothing else to look forward to other than ridiculous heat and home.

  2. My father always said (and I'm sure he was quoting someone admirable), "Half the joy of ownership is the anticipation thereof." I suppose that goes for beach vacations as well as anything.


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